The Company

PPSS provide Close Protection (CP) and logistical support service across Eastern Europe (EE) and the United Kingdom (UK).

The UK Company formed at the beginning of 2011 after carrying out extensive research in the world of executive protection. This research, together with personal experience, pointed to a weakness within some security companies whose focus was on purely security issues at the expense of the client’s professional image and peace of mind. PPSS believe that these are equally important.

PPSS understand the importance of the relationship between the client, principal(s) and close protection officers within a security environment and how damaging poor protocol (behavior, dress, habits and hygiene) can seriously affect the client’s business goals.

PPSS understand that each client has different needs, they assess these individually and a cost-effective solution is then tailored to specific needs. Each close protection team has the experience and knowledge to reduce risk, ensuring safety and calmness in all situations.

Directors Mission Statement

PPSS Close Protection personnel, within Europe and the UK, offer a safe & secure environment as well as a professional personal service.

Our main strength is delivering Protection Services and Logistical Support to companies and individuals whose business activities include Eastern Europe. We create a secure risk free environment allowing our client to conduct their business free from external pressures.

Our commitment to providing a reliable service has gained us a great reputation by means of personal recommendations through our existing clients.

We aim to provide exactly what our client is looking for in terms of personal security, from personal bodyguard to full close protection team; we aim to fill the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is a Professional Executive’s life.

To Summarize

  1. Honest guidance for the best security / logistic solutions.
  2. To create a safe & secure environment.
  3. Professional personal service.
  4. Close protection and logistical support across Eastern Europe.
  5. Commitment to providing a reliable service.