Close Protection Services with you in mind...

Close Protection & Executive Travel

The prime objective of Pro Protect Security Services (PPSS) is to relieve clients of the issues regarding safety, security and logistics in business, personal or social settings.

The directors of PPSS have over 20 years knowledge and experience within the security industry. They worked together in Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom for 10 years before forming PPSS. Background experience enabled them to take a fresh look at the industry and adapt the way they do things, making the company more client / principal focused.

PPSS personnel have provided security and consultancy services to Western European Companies wishing to travel to or from the Eastern European area since 2004. The company is now based in the UK without losing operational efficiency within Eastern Europe.

  • PPSS are a personal protection, logistic and linguistic UK Company for personal and corporate clients.
  • PPSS expertise is travelling to, from and within Eastern Europe.
  • PPSS agents are multicultural and handpicked for specific tasks/clients.
  • Many of PPSS agents are multi-lingual and are familiar with the customs and peculiarities of Eastern Europe; all are trained to above SIA standards, discreet and professional.